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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Pretty In Pink for MFN

I now write fashion related articles/blog entries for The Manchester Fashion Network!! Good times! Put on your reading glasses and take a look! :)

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This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing, it's really marvelous! Sound familiar to you? It will do if you’ve seen the teen cult classic Pretty in Pink circa 1986. In the charismatic words of Duckie, he is bigging up the original get up worn by none other than Molly Ringwald’s character aka Andie. I would indeed echo the compliment back to her, gladly, what she wears is just cutting edge cool.

Clad in floral jeans, waistcoats, lacey layers and trilby hats, Andie’s character epitomizes the capsule look that every girl right now is aspiring to have. Her style is as sweet as Coco Chanel, with pearls, pastels galore and a little added spunk that makes her a street style swaggering gem.

Jackets with shoulder-pads worn over silky print waistcoats and peasant styles dresses give a refreshing take on the preppy and conventional decadence of the late eighties.

Fabulous hats, take a fashion forward approach to feminine styling, through customization with sheer scarves, brooches and pins.

The fashion appeal of Andie’s character, stems from being a poor student, which initially forces her to make use of her own creative skills to adapt outfits, hence DIY fashion, which is something that many of ourselves try to do.

After attending a trends forecasting SS/11 seminar earlier this week, it was brought to my attention how heightened the DIY ethos is becoming in fashion, amongst surprisingly most catwalk designers. Which is something that is quite refreshing to hear! Customizations well as hand rendered methods such as hand-stitch and patchwork are going be on the up for fashion embellishment techniques.

All of which these elements, complement the rawness and flamboyance of the iconic eighties look. Andie’s image is really easy to achieve, and she wears it well as simple as. It’s all about embracing creativity within styling and being confident about layering up fabrics, prints and accessories. And with the longevity of eighties styles, all of these pieces can be found in the most obvious places.

Where to get yours! Topshop is one of the most obvious choices with a great selection of basics and special pieces inspired by this capsule style. Vintage shops Blue Rinse and Cow have fantastic selections of original pieces that are more often than not, guaranteed from past decades. Great for high-wasted jeans, waistcoats and particularly cute pixie leather bootees. Retro Rehab has a great fashion selection too with great affordable costume jewelry pieces and pretty sheer scarves.

A modern day polished take on Andie’s stylistic look can be seen in last years Spring/Summer 2009 collection by Luella. Inspiration can be taken from the layering and juxtaposition of fabrics and pieces. The requirement for quirky accessories makes a bold statement with brooches, hair fascinators and gloves.

By Kate Alexandra McLeish

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